He is just more than cute. He's even past adorable. We're enjoying him beyond reason. I'll never be able to thank-you enough for making a dream come true for me.
~Deb & Joe of South Dakota
February 10, 2015


My experience with Paula was awesome! When we picked up Napoleon (formerly boomer) he was all ready to go. As he has grown he's been the best bulldog ever! He makes us all laugh with his great personality and makes you melt when he snuggles. Paula, you've done a great job with your bulldogs and we look forward to adding more to our bulldog family.

Dear Paula,

I hope you are doing well.  We love our puppy SO much! We named Bambi - Lucy and we love her so much it makes me cry.  She is the sweetest thing ever!!  Our other dog, Gracie, loves her.  Thank you for all you have done.  She is doing SO well with potty training and socializing with other dogs.  My two sons, husband and I all adore her.  I wish I had 10 of your puppies.  You really do it right!

Love, Ellen and Cary Fellows
April 2012


Thank you so much for the new addition to our family!  She adapted very well with Miguel, Jaime, Xzavian, and Ayden.  Our boys couldn't have loved her more especially after their first dog was stolen.  She loves playing fetch with them, and will even sit right alongside them when they are playing videogames. Maddy loves to cuddle any chance she gets.  The boys always argue about who she gets to sleep with at night. She is very loved in our home, and inseparable from the entire family. Everyone loves to spoil her! I was super glad that when we bought her she was already halfway potty trained.  With four boys, it definitely made it a lot easier.  Thanks again for a perfectly healthy loving puppy.

The Barajas Family
Jan. 1, 2011

Arrow D Frenchies are gorgeous and an absolute delight. Paula is a wonderful person and so easy to work with. You can absolutely tell she is 100+% dedicated to her Frenchies. When we went to pick up Sophie we got to meet the momma Ester, the daddy Flash and a special guest Kat Dancer. They were so friendly, lovable, beautiful and enjoyable to snuggle/play with! Having Sophie in our lives has been a blessing. Every day we are so 'thankful' that we know Paula and got Sophie from her. Sophie is growing up and doing new things daily! She is so healthy and beautiful! We just adore her and she has us wrapped around her paw! Thank you Paula! God Bless you! ~ Chrissie Vadnais


I am so in love with my new puppy! I named him Bronx and he is adorable and amazing! He is a great addition to our family. I have a 4 year old Boston and they get along great. At first she didn't want anything to do with him and now they are inseparable! Bronx is a great pet. He has already learned to sit and is potty trained at 4 months! He is in great health and has such a great personality. He follows me around and he is very loving. He sleeps in the bed with me right by my head. He is so playful and loves my nieces and nephews. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. I am so in love with my little pair! They go on walks everyday. Thank you so much for my perfect pet! I am so in love!!!!  Alisha xoxo

 I wanted to take a minute and thank you for our perfect little Rowdy!  He has settled into his new home with ease, my boys just love him, and I would say it is mutual.  He is inseparable from my oldest.  He gets along wonderfully with our other pets, and they really like having him around too.  My shih-tzu, Tucker, has already been teaching him to fetch, and showing him where all the toys are.  He is practically paper trained and he is so smart.  I can tell that he was raised in a home with love, because he is just a cuddle bug and he is so full of kisses.   As I am sure you will be relieved to know his first night went off without a hitch, he nestled right in with Aaron & was out the whole night. Today I took him in for his Vet check.  All I can say is what a charmer.
My vet checked him from his nose to his toes.  His hips & joints were great, good bite, great eyes, good wrinkles, perfect little corkscrew tail, great build, strong heart, good lungs, she stated that she does not feel that he will have any issues from typical Frenchie problems.  But most of all she commented on his perfect disposition...he almost fell asleep on the table...I think he thought he was receiving a massage!   Oh we just absolutely love this little guy Paula & all the love you gave him will be continued on in our home for the rest of the years of his life.  Thank-You

Paula,  I love Roxy. She is the sweetest little frenchie. When I got her she was pretty much house trained to puppy pads she needed very little training. She  gets alone great with my other dogs and little girl. She follows my little girl around everywhere, it is so sweet. It is like she has always been part of our family we couldn't of got a better puppy. When we took her in for her well puppy check the vet said she is sound, that she has the best hips he has seen in a frenchie, a very healthy puppy, that I got my self a good one and that she could be a show dog. I couldn't of found a cuter nicer nicer puppy and she was at a great price. Thanks again Paula.  We love Roxy.


Jesus is Lord

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