Puppy Contract and Bill of Sale


Arrow D Cattle Company  
29007 450th Ave
Viborg, SD 57070  
Call:  605-201-5269 or 605-201-6657 
Email:  dpdunk@gmail.com 

Thank you for purchasing a puppy from us.  We have done our best to provide you with a healthy, happy and social puppy.  Please know that your puppy needs to go immediately home with you.  We do not recommend that the puppy be under any further stress by taking him/her to other places until he/she is settled with his/her new family.

Each puppy is posted with a one year health guarantee from that puppy's date of birth.  For this health guarantee to be valid, you must take the puppy received to your veterinarian within 3 (three) days of arrival.  A copy of this veterinarian report must be mailed or emailed to us immediately for this contract to be valid.  If within 7 (seven) days of receiving your puppy the veterinarian discovers a congenital defect that will alter the puppies' life we must be provided a statement from the vet.  Replacement on this puppy will be made.  No cash will be refunded.  You are responsible for the flying fee to send your puppy back to us, and the flying fee of the replacement puppy. The affected puppy must be sent back to us with all of his/her paperwork that was went to you by us. We are not responsible for any parasites that may be present.  We treat for those but it is a well known fact that puppies pick these up easily.  Be sure to watch for runny stools as puppies can show this symptom after travel.  Due to stress of flight he/she may incur this.  Please take your puppy to the vet if this would happen.

The guarantee on the French Bull dogs does not cover what are considered normal findings in this breed.....cherry eye, entropion, loose hips, skin allergies, elongated soft palette, and collapsed nostrils.  These are common findings within this breed.  

Your puppy must be paid in full including shipping costs by 7 weeks of age.  All deposits are non-refundable, if you would cancel after the deposit is made. This contract is in the jurisdiction of the state of South Dakota and the county of Turner.  IF there is a dispute the place of venue shall be the same.  We are not responsible for any vet bills that may incur with your puppy.  Please keep up his/her medical records as this is very important for his/her life to be a healthy one.  Your puppy has been given kennel cough prevention and vaccinations according to our vets recommendations.

Please enjoy the new life you have purchased, they are precious and need to be treated as so.  We have loved having these puppies in our lives and are trusting that they continue to have good lives provided by you.  We do our best to send you the best quality puppy and we take pride in doing so.  Your puppy has been fed Purina One Puppy.

Thank you! Dale Dunkelberger

Please sign the contract/bill of sale, keep one copy for your records and send a copy to us (Arrow D Cattle Company).  If you fail to send a signed contract to us, this contract will not be valid.  Deposits are $500.00


29007 450th Ave

Viborg, SD 57070

605-201-5269 or 605-201-6657

I certify that on  _______________ (date) I purchased a _______________ (breed) puppy.

Litter Registration #___________________ Whelped on: ___________________

Sire: ________________________________________________

Dam: _______________________________________________

Total purchase price:__________________

A Non-refundable deposit in the amount of $____________ was  received on:____________________

Buyer's Signature___________________________________________________


Seller's Signature:____________________________________________________